Deadline for tax for freelancing.

Hi All,
I am working in Infosys and earning 10 lacs salary. During financial year 2015-16, for 4 months, I did additional free lancing for another company as well. That company provides services for different country, effectively I did free lancing for different country. Now when payment is made, 10% is deducted and paid to Indian goverment.
The situation is like this.
1. Infosys deducted TDS on 10 lacs
2. Freelancing money has only 10% TDS deducted which is reflecting in view26AS trace.
- Remaining tax to be paid by me? What's the deadline to make this payment? As it is earned for services provided to outside india, would there be any other law applicable for this? Pls. advise on this free lancing a bit please.