Discuss CA Final Financial Reporting Paper Nov 2015

Raju Choudhary

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Friends we are happy to announce that there were some questions which were similar to our notes on FR by AB Sonpal (AS20/22/CSR/13) We shall provide our notes on remaining AS and other subjects matter of FR. Please download our AS notes as these are relevant for may 16 exams also. The Notes have a full coverage with ample examples and past papers and PM sums...thanks

  • AS 13 (a similar sum i had given as example)
  • AS 22( same as my example dictated my way)
  • AS 20 ( same sum type as given in my example) ,
  • Guidance note on CSR - Ans from guidance note..
  • Also quote AS 26 sum.directly from Taxman Ds rawat.. Valuation sum same as Toys Limited from past qstn paper, Demerger also from past paper..
  • AS 15 : A simple sum on Plan Asset and PVDBO,
  • goodwill leverage : Simple with two adjustments only,
  • Share based payments : Prov for SAR, simple Ledger with payment to be made at Intrensic Value..
  • AS 29 : Provisioning conditions to be justified
Download all Notes from following link

This institute is rum by me i.e. adhish sir. except the question of consolidation and two parts of question no. 7, rest are from my workbook.

Raju Choudhary

Staff member
Hi Friends on request of many students we make an special Video for Clarification of Step Marking in CA Final and CA IPCC Exams. i.e can students get marks for steps or not...