Eligible for Exam if Articleship is Terminated

I have completed my criteria of 9month articleship but i have terminate last month . Do i can appear for ippc exam in nov without articleship on going stage

Raju Choudhary

Staff member
Hi Shraddha
ICAI Not Provide any Information regarding this but as per my best knowledge you are not eligible for exams because you can terminate articleship status and Application for nov 2015 Exams form is already closed so you are not eligible for Nov 2015 Exams.
Hi,I am going to complete my 2 nd year of articleship on november 2015 ,,and in december 2015 i want to terminate my articleship...can i appear for IPCC in may 2016

Raju Choudhary

Staff member
Hi Nishmitha in my best knowledge if you can terminate your training then you are not eligible for exams and ICAI not issued any guideline for this so please go to your nearest ICAI Branch and ask them and also updated us so we can help to other students.
The criteria is that u have to complete 9 months of article with or without break of articles

Terminate is regarded as break in article ship
Again our joining date would be reckoned as resuming/continuing ur articleship
Make sure that valid 9 months of article ship is completed in the records of ICAI before ur attempt

Best of luck