GST GST ON unregistered supplier

hi, we are in road transport company and service providing to registered company for transporting good to destination, in this case we r rising invoice to customer without tax, eg 1000 rs, then customer is paying as billed amount 1000 and paying tax on 1000/- to Govt on RCM basis. for the same transaction we r hiring vehicles from unregistered dealer from open market n unregistered vehicle owner billing to us without any tax, so in this case as a transport company do we liable to pay tax to Govt? pls clarify

2. is cash transaction attracting GST like petty expenses?

Raju Choudhary

Staff member
You are not required to pay tax under RCM since you are not registered under gst.

If you turnover exceeds 20 lakh for a year, you have to get yourself registered under GST. Only then, you will be liable to pay under RCM.