GST GST Registration application is " pending for order " s

GST Registration Application is "PENDING FOR ORDER" since last more than 10 days. GST registration number is urgently needed to carry on the business organisations. On going through various sites, it is observed that in many cases the applications are kept pending saying "PENDING FOR ORDER". If any local authority is required to be met physically, it will certainly leads to corruption. In this context, it is very much essential on the part of GST ADMINISTRATION to evolve certain mechanism to resolve such issue of large number of applicants at war footing as the businesses were halted for the want of registration number. I earnestly request various authorities of this website and other readers, to please take this issue with GST IMPLEMENTING AUTHORITIES immediately for further solution, for which large number of people waiting for such registration will be solved and for which all these people will highly be obliged to you including myself.