GST How will imports/exports be taxed under GST?

Raju Choudhary

Staff member
Ans. All imports/exports will be deemed as inter-state supplies for the purposes of levy of GST (IGST). The incidence of tax will follow the destination principle and the tax revenue in case of SGST will accrue to the State where the imported goods and services are consumed. Full and complete set-off will be available as ITC of the IGST paid on import on goods and services. Exports of goods and services will be zero rated. The exporter has the option either to export under bond without payment of duty and claim refund of ITC or pay IGST at the time of export and claim refund of IGST. The IGST on imports is leviable under the provisions of the Customs Tariff Act and shall be levied at the time of imports along with the levy of the Customs Act (Section 5 of the IGST Act).