Penalty/late fine for delay in service tax registration

If a company, which ( exported any service in outside India,.. like Software Devlp or Website Devlp, etc)and turn over crossed 10 lakh during the F. A. - 2015-16 ,
SO, then in that case .....................If the above company going to registered with Service Tax Dept, during next FY ( 2016-17), then wheather the dept will charge penalty/ late fine for the delay registration or No penalty will be charged as the above service is not Taxable Service.

If they cherge penalty, then how much it could be and under which section/Rule.

Please guide me, it's very urgent
I have been fined 16,000 INR as late fees since October 24th 2015, But as I have genuine reasons for not filing the same. May father had a brain operation at that time. So is it possible that i get full relaxation on the late fee amount.