GST Rcm on frieght

I purchased some raw material out of state n delivered by lorry n that transporter do not have GST number but he issued us a Bilty Invoice without Tax n frieght amount is more than 20000, in this case RCM applicable if yes then as a IGST or SGST & CGST.
n also tell Frieght entries will be shown in purchases or not?

Raju Choudhary

Staff member
Some people saying that you needs to pass This type of entry in Purchase voucher in tally.
But don't follow this instruction because it is not you purchase.
It will be very illogical if you pass this type of entry in Purchase Voucher in Tally.

You can use journal entry and then pass payment entry.
After that same amount will be reflect in GSTR - 2 I have already did this and it's working 200%...
So don't go for expenses entry in purchase voucher make entry in journal voucher... Still Same will be reflect in GSTR 2...