Regarding eligibility for final exams

Dear sir/ madam, i am krishnasri. i am pursuing my articles in hyderabad. When i got registered for articles, i got my final attempt eligibility in nov 2016. But after one year of my articles, i took termination and joined in another firm in hyderabad. My joining in new firm got late and my attempt got postponed to may 2017. I came to know this fact recently after payment of examination fees for nov 2016 exams. sir / madam, can i write exams in this nov 2016? if i write exams in this nov, will i get any warning letter from ICAI, as i am not eligible for this attempt?

Raju Choudhary

Staff member
Hi @krishnasri
If you are not eligible for this exam then you are not able to appear in nov 2016 exam and ICAI also send you a letter for uneligibility for nov 2016 exams, so if you can get icai letter then you are not able appear in exam otherwise download your admit card and appear in exam.