The Important Things That You Need to Know About CA CPT Exams

Learning is good, but if you are have not panned your learning route and just focused on solving, then do not regret by seeing someone else to top the list. It is not about that they are more intelligent than you. It is just that they are smarter than you. They had panned their exam preparation and stick to their goals. You are still to appear in the June exam, so you have a fair amount of time to prepare through CA CPT online coaching.

You have sound knowledge of Accounts as you are familiar with this subject because of 10th and 12th exams. There are many CPT Online classes running successfully to provide their registered candidates CPT notes. You can take help from there.

Indeed an important subject to master on. One needs to understand the Business Law, which teaches you about a company’s right, loyalties, sales and trading and everything that directly connects with the company’s financial activities.

If you have done well in 12th exams with Micro Economics subject and if concepts of economic graphs are clear to you, then you do not need to worry.

Some say that mathematics is the easiest subject, but for some, alike me, it is incomprehensible. To remind you, do not be a stupid enough to leave 20-30 marks. Remember, when you are giving CPT exam, a single point has the ability to raise or drown you. If you can learn any subject, then Math and Statistics should not bother you. If you are still not sure, then solve math related problems later, but please at least attempt.

Students who are master in solving problems are likely to have less interest in reading and writing. Macro Economics is about understanding the theory and writing a few lines to convince. Writing a few lines should not irk you. Try to understand the meaning, and search real time examples to use in your exam paper.

Final tip, getting nervous during the exam is normal. Stay confident, no matter how hard you have studied for a year or months, does not look at the notes a day prior to your exams and take a nice 8 hour sleep. No matter, how many opportunities you get during the exam to cheat, avoid any distraction.