Transfer of article

Hi sir
I am in second year of article and I want to take transfer, but I totally depend on my brother and but he got job in other place it is more than 50 km far I want to join him, my Quat ion is shall I take transfer based on proof of my brother shifting?

Raju Choudhary

Staff member
Hi @Umesh g As per ICAI Rules "Transfer of a working parent to another city involving a distance of minimum 50 kms (on production of a certified copy of the transfer order and the proof of relocation to another City). So You are not eligible for transfer but as per my suggestion write a letter to ICAI and mention that "i am depend on my brother and he is transferred in another city so please allowed me for articleship transfer" and attach proofs documents of your brother transfer and Also Enclosed Your principle Latter For No Issue of Transfer/Termination of Your Articleship.. I hope ICAI Allowed you for transfer.