GST What are the benefits to taxpayers in using the GSPs?

Raju Choudhary

Staff member
Ans. At the outset it is clarified that all required functions under GST can be performed by a taxpayer at the GST portal. GSP is an additional channel being made available for performing some of the functions and use of their services is optional. Some of the specific solution(s) which
could be offered by the GSPs to meet specific requirements of Taxpayers for GST compliance are given below:
  • (1). Conversion of their current invoice format generated by their existing accounting software, which could be in csv, pdf, excel, word format, into GST compliant format.
  • (2). Reconciliation of auto populated data from GST portal with their purchase register data, where purchase register data can be on excel, csv or in any proprietary database and uploaded data from GST format could be in json/csv.
  • (3). Organization having various branches will need a way to upload branch wise invoices, as GST System will only provide one user-id/password for GST system access. An application having role based access and different view for different branches will be needed.
  • (4). A company registered in multiple States may require unified view of all branches in one screen,
  • (5). GST professionals will need some specific applications to manage and undertake GST compliance activities for their client Tax payers from one dashboard, etc.
Above are just a few illustrations. There will be many more requirements of different sets of Tax payers. These requirements of taxpayers can be met by GSPs.