Who can be the primary Authorized Signatory in GST?

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A primary Authorized Signatory is the person who is primarily responsible to perform action at the GST Common Portal on behalf of the taxpayer. All communication from the GST Common Portal relating to taxpayer will be sent to the primary Authorized Signatory.

{td}Type of Business{/td}
{td}Who can be the Authorized Signatory?{/td}
{td}The proprietor or any person authorized by the proprietor{/td}
{td}Any authorized partner or any person authorized by the partners{/td}
{td}Company, LLP, Society or Trust{/td}
{td}The person authorized by Board or Governing Body. can act as Primary Authorized Signator{/td}
In case there is a single Authorized Signatory for a business entity, the single Authorized Signatory will be assumed to be the primary Authorized Signatory.

In case there are multiple Authorized Signatories for a single business entity, one Authorized Signatory need to be designated as primary Authorized Signatory. The e-mail address and mobile number of the Authorized Signatory needs to be provided during enrolment.

Note: The Authorized Signatory or Primary Authorized cannot be Minor in age.

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